Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to your questions about: purchases, shipping, returns, cancellations and account.

  • How do I place an order on this online store?

    Ordering on our online shop is simple.

    Please take a moment to review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before initiating your purchase.
    1. 1. Browse for the desired product, select the preferred color and quantity;
    2. 2. Add the chosen product to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" option;
    3. 3. To review your cart, click on "View Cart" If you aren't ready to proceed, continue shopping;
    4. 4. In your cart, confirm the selected products and their quantities. You can make changes by removing items or adjusting quantities;
    5. 5. If you have any coupons or a promotional code, enter the code and click "Use Code." Then, proceed by clicking on the "Checkout" box;
    6. 6. Verify your personal details, delivery/billing addresses, and select the payment method;
    7. 7. Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on the "Secure Payment" option. Please note that if you are paying with a card, you will be redirected to a secure credit card payment form;
    8. 8. Proceed with the payment and confirm your order. At the top of the page you can find your order number;
    9. 9. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email;
    10. 10. Your order will be processed and dispatched to the delivery address, and you will receive another email containing your tracking number.

  • Is is safe to place an order with the COSTA NOVA online store?

    Yes. You can place your orders with complete confidence.
    All personal information is confidential and used for the sole purpose of providing you the best customer service possible. 
    For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Can I order online from my country?

    Placing orders on the COSTA NOVA online store is restricted to orders whose delivery and billing addresses are in Portugal (including Madeira and Azores), Spain (including Balearic and Canary Islands), France (except Islands), Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy (except Islands), Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America. 

    We hereby communicate that all sales with delivery to the UK are suspended until new updates. 
    For information on delivery orders for other destinations, please contact using the form available on our Contacts page.
  • Do I need to create an account to place an order online?

    No. To make an online purchase on this site, creating an account is not mandatory. You can order as a guest, and only the necessary set of personal data for the process will be requested.

    However, Costa Nova recommends the user to opt for creating an account. By registering as a customer on the Costa Nova site, the user can access a personal area with all their data (which they can modify), complete their purchases more quickly, track the status of their orders, and review their address list whenever they wish.
  • Can I now purchase Casafina products on the Costa Nova online shop?

    Yes. The Casafina brand is now part of the Costa Nova online store, so you can buy all Casafina products here. Just go to the 'Shop' menu and choose the Casafina brand in the filters, or enter through the Casafina menu available in the top bar of the online store.

    The former Casafina online store is no longer available.

  • I have a promotional code/discount voucher. How can I use it?

    Occasionally COSTA NOVA gives our coupons and/or promotional codes customers.
    To take advantage of these discounts the customer must enter the promotional code and/or accept the coupon and click on the "Use code" option. 
    The discount in question will be applied to the total of the order during checkout. 

  • Which payment methods can I use for my orders?

     Our online store has available the following payment methods: Visa, American Express, Klarna, Amazon Pay and Mastercard. 

    All transactions are encrypted and 100% secure (for more information, see our Privacy Policy).

  • How can I access my invoice?

    Yes, the invoice will be sent to the email address provided. 
    If you are a registered customer, the invoice will be available on your account after the order has shipped.

  • What happens if the product I ordered is out of stock?

    If an item is out of stock, our team will promptly notify you of the updated expected delivery time. If this extended time frame doesn't meet your needs, you have the option to request a refund.

    The refund will be processed using the same payment method you used for the original purchase. Please note that the refund process typically takes approximately 30 days from the moment we become aware of the item's unavailability. 

  • Can I change my order?

    Yes. You can change your order (product selection, quantity, delivery and billing addresses, payment methods) until it is confirmed in our system (after payment).
    From the moment the order is processed, it is no longer possible to modify any order.
    If youre a registered customer, please check your order status to confirm all the changes. 

  • How long will take my order to arrive?

    1 day (transition time) for: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island;
    2 days (transition time) for: Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia;
    3 to 7 days (transition time) for all other States;

    Delivery is only made after the payment confirmation.
    Please note that delivery times may be slightly higher during holidays and festive times.

  • Where can my order be delivered?

    You can receive your order at any address of your choice, whether it's your home, workplace, or any other location you specify during the checkout process on our online store.
  • How much will I pay in delivery charges?

    $9,99 for purchases up to $50 / FREE from $50.


    Delivery charges will be added during the checkout process, before the customer confirms the order. 

  • My order has been returned to the warehouse. Can I receive it again?

    Yes. You need to formalize your request through the form available on the site, with the subject "Order reshipping".
    The information should indicate your order number and the order address.
    The reshipping implies new delivery charges.  

  • Can I cancel an order?

    Yes. You may cancel your order as long as it has not yet been processed by us. 
    The cancellation must be formalized by using the form available on the site for that purpose, with the "Order Cancelation" subject. The email must contain the order number. 

  • How does COSTA NOVA make the refund?

    The refund will be processed after evaluation by our Quality Department in the same method of payment used in the initial transaction, within 30 days after the return.
  • What can I do if I have received the wrong or defective product?

    We apologize if any of the items are not what you expected. Please contact our customer support through the contact form, indicating that the item is incorrect or defective. We will proceed with the replacement or refund as soon as we receive it in our warehouses.

  • Can I change my personal information on my account?

    Yes. You can change your personal information at any time. 
  • Can I receive periodic information on Costa Nova and Casafina's new arrivals and offer?

    Of course! To get the scoop on the our latest news and offers you only need to subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Can I cancel my subscription to the COSTA NOVA newsletter?

    Yes. In the next newsletter you receive, please select the unsubscribe option to cancel your subscription immediately.